ZCubes is the first website where you can seamlessly browse, search, edit, paint, draw, hand-write, watch, listen, publish, type, print, network, teach, learn, and work.

ZCubes technology is now on the go!
Compute and Connect - Anywhere and Everywhere!
Experience full power of ZCubes on your desktop - Windows, Mac and Linux!
Annotate and beautify pictures. Decorate with stickers, and more.
Create formulas as you are taught in schools.
Integrated with the most powerful imperative + functional programming language z^3, and backward compatibility with javascript.
Edit files in any programming language, zip files, spreadsheets, documents, presentations, PDFs.
Browse the internet. Browse and Edit any file on your desktop, or network drive, or storage locations, or the internet.
Annotate and beautify pictures. Decorate with stickers, and more.
Integrated chat, browsing, networking, news, and more.
Write programming with the ease of spreadsheets.
Beautiful notations.
Write your logic with the only practical units-aware language.
On your desktops, browsers, servers, command lines and mobile devices.
Supplemented by z^3 for command line and z^3 for Web Servers.

Preview Release (Windows x64 only)

ZAP ZBlack (zip)

Release Date - 24 July 2017
64 bit 32 bit
64 bit
64 bit 32 bit
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Stage Release
Date OS Release note
25 Jul 2019 (version 2.1.2)
ZCubes - New icon updates.
20 Jul 2019 (version 2.1.2)
ZCubes updates.
27 Feb 2018 (version 2.0)
ZCubes updates.
13 June 2017 (version 1.97)
ZCubes updates.
31 May 2017 (version 1.96)
App and imagine loading issues.
30 May 2017 (version 1.96)
UI fixes and other minor fixes.
11 May 2017 (version 1.96)
Fine tuning of ZDOC saving and retrieval.
Other minor fixes.
25 April 2017 (version 1.95)
Drag drop issue fixes.
ZCubes slide updates.
13 April 2017 (version 1.95)
Drag drop files to main screen to open the files.
Added open file button on the bottom main menu from the default screen.
Fixed surface Tab jittery behavior.
Imagine shape drawing fixes.
Display updates.
10 April 2017 (version 1.94)
Picture Viewer for Imagine.
31 Mar 2017 (version 1.93)
Added more shapes to Imagine.
13 Mar 2017
Added news slide viewer.
10 Mar 2017
Added weather info (bottom more menu).
Added software update notification for all platforms.
Previous Versions
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21 July 2017
24 April 2017
17 Feb 2017
08 Feb 2017
02 Feb 2017
17 Jan 2017
13 Jan 2017
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